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  • Hear Your Brain Whisper

    Imagine a happier, more focused, and productive YOU - TODAY!

    How would your life improve if your thinking, focus, or alertness improved?

    Is your brain working at full capacity?

    Are you ready to understand your brain?

    Your brain is who you are!

    Your habits, cravings, successes, or even heartbreaks, are a result of the way your brain works.

    Foggy brain, depression, the feeling of sadness, anger, or jealousy are all consequences of too few or too many neurotransmitters taking the rollercoaster ride between the neurons.

    Learn its essential functions and meet the bartender in your brain that makes all the wonderful cocktails that create your mood and make you feel the way you do.

    Then become that bartender and make the neurococktails yourself! Imaging being happier, healthier, and more productive!

    Most people never tap into their brain’s true potential.

    In this book, you are about to learn:

    • How your brain evolved to work the way it does
    • Which neurotransmitters are responsible for specific feelings
    • What drugs such as caffeine, cannabis, or alcohol truly do when they hit your brain
    • Which specific activities are responsible for the release of neurotransmitters you need to make improvements in your life
    • How to achieve deep sleep every night
    • How physical movement changes your brain
    • What happens during meditation and what can replace meditation to achieve the same results
    • How to harness the incredible power of your brain

    ...and much more!

    Learn about the infamous flow state from an exclusive interview with neuroscientist Arne Dietrich, the world’s #1 authority on altered states of consciousness, who discovered and described the state of flow.

    See a completely new perspective on psychopaths thanks to another exclusive interview with charming neuroscientist James Fallon, who not only studies psychopaths but is one himself.

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