• Holiday Hilarity Cover
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  • Holiday Hilarity: A Humorous History of Celebration

    Jeffrey Gurian is the “Who” in “The Who’s Who” in comedy. My holidays just got HILARIOUS!”

    Ron Bennington - Host of The Bennington Show on Sirius XM Radio

    Comedy is better because of Jeffrey Gurian! He is to comedians what Lester Bangs will always be to musicians! (Google it!) That being said, read this book!Trust me, it’s funny!

    Bert Kreischer - International Comedy Star; Body Shots World Tour

    I like that there is a new book of comedy in time for Hanukkah and the holidays. I think people will truly enjoy this.

    Andrew “Dice” Clay - Comedy Legend, star of “Dice” on Showtime

    We loved this book so much, we bought two copies! We wish we were triplets so we could buy a third!

    The Lucas Brothers - National TV Stars, The Lucas Brothers

    You can’t spell “HUMOR” without “GURIAN”! But then you’re left with some superfluous letters, and honestly that’s not good!

    Scott Rogowsky - Host of HQ Trivia and Running Late Show

    Being a “Real Housewife” demands having a good sense of humor and I know funny when I see it. Jeffrey Gurian is ALWAYS funny. If I was ever shipwrecked on an island with Jeffrey and had to choose between food or laughter, I’d choose food because Jeffrey would supply all the laughter we’d need. Read this book!

    Countess Luann De Lesseps - star of Real Housewives of New York

    For growing up as the son of a liquor salesman in The Bronx this kid is FUNNY! This book is gut-splitting comedy mixed with fun and unusual historical facts! Jeffrey Gurian is NYC’s gift to comedy!

    Tim Sabean - Radio Industry Legend; Creator of the Howard Stern Channels, SVP of Entertainment and Comedy; SVP Digital Westwood One

    This book is a tongue-in-cheek romp through the celebratory year. Add some sass to your calendar as you take a walk through holidays, hilarity, and history with Otakara and Jeffrey**

    Rebecca Frost Cuevas - Bestselling Author; Founder of Learn and Get Smarter

    “Can I get drunk on kosher wine?” And “Do I have the manual dexterity to spin a dreidel?” - Questions I’m now in need of answering after wiping the tears and snot off my face. A hilarious performance by talented author Otakara Klettke and comedian Jeffrey Gurian.

    Eevi Jones - Award-winning & Bestselling Author; Founder of Children’s Book University

    No one cares more about the art of comedy than Jeffrey. No bigger champion of the art form and celebrating it, as you can tell from reading this fun book!

    Roy Wood Jr., Sr. Correspondent on The Daily Show