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    Let’s focus on connection between your body and you. When you meet the needs of your body, including loving it unconditionally, your body meets your demands in return.​

    Your body has self-healing capabilities and language only you can understand. Otakara’s unique method will help you tune in, thrive in ways you didn’t know possible, and heal.


    Otakara Klettke’s coaching is unlike any other health coaching out there. In her method, you will create a real relationship with your body as if you had an actual friend you can listen and talk to.

    Otakara, who is full of life, adventures, and stories from around the world, was once a very sickly child with many limiting health problems. She found a way to communicate with her body and left her doctors in the dust (although she doesn’t dismiss the importance of doctors). Now she is teaching through her internationally bestselling books as well as personal coaching.

    If you have experienced trauma in your childhood, the chances are that in order to protect your mind and soul, you have disconnected from your body. This is a survival mechanism for any child at the moment.

    Unfortunately, if the relationship with the body isn’t restored it leads to a life with health issues, anxieties, lack of sleep, and the inability to experience physical bliss and joy.

    The Body Whisperer coaching program will teach you how to restore the connection with your body and how to heal your existing problems from the point of view of your body as well as how to flourish and experience vitality in every cell. Your body will become strong again and you’ll be able to face any sickness or injury you come up against. These physiological strength improvements result in the ability to face any life issues from your clearest mental state as the brain is operating at its highest potential. While this coaching primarily focuses on the body… it really changes your entire life.


    Otakara recommends coaching for a minimum of 12 weeks. This will ensure you can build a trusting relationship with your body and Otakara to ensure your future success. Every coaching starts with a complimentary first session where you identify challenges and create a new point of view of your body. One thing that separates Otakara’s coaching from any other is that you never treat your body as a soldier. Your body will be your guide and friend while Otakara is more like a translator for your body rather than someone who would tell you what to eat and how to exercise. Your body will make its own demands in the form of physical cravings you have yet to experience.


    During the first couple of sessions, you will work with Otakara on identifying the relationship you have with your body and how you viewed your body up to this point. This is what makes the Body Whisperer method unique. Before you can pursue any goals with your body you need to transform your perspective of your body.


    Over the next few weeks, you will focus on meeting the primal needs of your body (like the number of hours of natural sleep your body desires) as well as experiencing physiological bliss - the state where your cells are revived and energy regenerated. In this process, you will feel new cravings and your body will start demanding to experience joy every day. Your cravings will change and the process becomes pleasant and effortless. You will never have to “soldier” your body.

    STEP 3: HEAL

    The rest of your coaching will focus on allowing your body to make decisions together with your mind and heal existing health issues. You will become your own Body Whisperer. Otakara will celebrate your achievements with you every step of the way.

    With Otakara Klettke’s coaching, you will utilize her knowledge backed by science from countless research papers and interviews with scientists she has studied for her books. Above all, you will create an extraordinary relationship with your body that results in a life that sets you up for a long, healthy, and joyful life.


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    "In the short time I have been working with Otakara, I am amazed at the changes I've experienced in my sleep, energy, and overall well-being. Otakara's wisdom, humor, and grounded insights have helped me create more balance in my life. Her focus on my "whole" self, not just what I'm eating and how much I'm exercising, have helped me access the incredible healing power that is available by simply listening and being more loving and compassionate with my body."

    -Andi Saucerman, M.S.

    "My work with Otakara was exceptional. Initially, her approach was to guide me to pay attention to health/body issues that would help me listen to my body and learn from what it was “whispering” to me. This was helpful in dealing with regular stress issues. In addition, though she taught me new practices that put me into “the flow”, enabling a more creative mindset, as well as practices that would lead me to achieving desired emotional states of being. All around a good, healthy learning experience."

    -Bill Burdette

    "Otakara, has one essential expertise that she falls back on over and over, again and again, and that essential expertise is that she understands what it means to be fully and consciously alive. Her joy and exuberance for life serves as the basis for her instruction, and I have found this invaluable in the reading of her book and in her coaching instruction. Yes, she is passionate about life… About all of life.

    I am not speaking here about how to manipulate aspects of life to obtain certain desired outcomes; but rather, how to authentically become a conscious participant in the living of one’s own life. It is my belief… that through, Otakara’s gentle but firm instructions, one can awaken the inherent intelligence that is asleep in one’s own body and finally realize… that our optimal human potential is, in fact, attainable." -

    George Hodak.

    “Otakara Klettke’s services and books helped me learn to trust my body. I was able to heal myself to a significant extent from gastric issues and food intolerances without using medication. I would recommend her services to anyone who’s looking to heal naturally.” 

     -Laxmi Vedantam

    "Coaching with Otakara has given me so much clarity about what health really means. I had been focused on what I can't or shouldn't do, thinking I needed to make some drastic changes to my diet and exercise. She taught me more about being healthy overall and easy ways to shift my habits over time so they'd be long lasting. With her guidance, I was able to form new, healthy habits that have become part of my life. Taking her suggestions has opened up a whole new world for me full of nourishing, health supportive foods and activities."​ 

    -Rebecca Mendoza

    “If you are looking for a coach who is truly passionate about helping you (or rather, your body!), don’t look any further! From personal experience, I can say that Otakara gives 200% to her clients. If there is a challenge, she’ll find a solution! I am so grateful to Otakara (and my body, too!); she helped me find a way to reconnect with my body in a playful, fun way.
    Thank you so much, Otakara! "             
     -Sunny Van Vlijmen

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