Media Bio

Otakara Klettke is a former investigative TV reporter and current international best-selling author of Hear Your Body Whisper: How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism, as well as the children’s fictional book series Detective Bella Unleashed.

Her #1 best-selling non-fiction book became an instant hit since it was published in 2016 and its Russian translation rights has recently been picked up for all Russian-speaking countries.

The success of her book, her knack for communicating to a broad audience, and her ability to break down complicated subjects into compelling yet easy-to-understand information have earned Otakara many interviews on podcasts such as Learn True Health, Discover Your Talent, as well as on other radio, webinars and workshops. She is available to share her expertise on health, writing, self-publishing, homeschooling, and the importance of reading for children.

Otakara lives with her family and pets in Oregon, and is currently working on a new book titled Hear Your Brain Whisper: How to Unlock Your Cognitive Potential.